Satellite Communications and Networking Laboratory (SCNL) is a laboratory at the DITEN Department of the University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy. Directed by Prof. Mario Marchese, SCNL has contributed to the development of research, services and infrastructures dedicated to satellite and terrestrial telecommunications.

The main scientific reference of the research carried out in the SCNL concerns the Quality of Service (QoS) management in heterogeneous telecommunications networks. In particular:

  • protocols and advanced control techniques for satellite, space and wireless communications networks
  • network simulation and emulations design
  • development and advanced Quality of Service Oriented network design. 

"An "artificial satellite" at the correct distance from the earth would make one revolution every 24 hours; i.e., it would
remain stationary above
the same spot and would be within optical range of nearly half the earth's surface.
Three repeater stations, 120 degrees apart in
the correct orbit, could give television and microwave coverage to the entire planet."

ARTHUR C. CLARKE, British Interplanetary Society, Letters to the Editor, Wireless World magazine, 1945